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Tap into our powerful network of warehouse solutions to ignite value, strengthen customer loyalty, and grow your business

Nomad Logistics keeps you competitive in today’s on-demand delivery culture, streamlining processes and management so your shipments reach your customer locations with faster lead-times. Reduce unnecessary handling and storage costs while giving your teams thousands of hours back to focus on your core competencies.

Nomad Logistics warehouse solutions team has over 20 years of experience leading warehouse operations for Multinational Corporations across a wide range of sectors throughout West Africa.

Nomad Logistics Specializes in 3 Core Warehouse Strategies

Multi-User Facilities

Whether you require short, medium, or long term warehousing, our multi-user facilities provide scalable cost-effective solutions that share the cost of resources and equipment.


If you have low volumes, uncertain demand, or seasonal operational fluctuations, choosing shared warehousing allows you to enjoy the benefits of a larger operation at significantly less cost.


Nomad’s multi-user facilities (offered in both bonded and non-bonded configurations) provide our customers with the opportunity to only pay for the space they need, with access to additional space and resources when and if their business requirements change.


In addition to the flexibility afforded to users of shared warehousing, Nomad’s state of the art technology systems provide visibility to respond to real time transactions and inventory allocation.

Dedicated & Build-to-Suite

We specialize in providing customized storage solutions for our customers – Dedicated warehouse space is available throughout our global network, complete with Nomad’s WMS platform, equipment, and highly skilled experts.


If your business requires a dedicated warehouse solution, we have teams of warehouse designers and engineers to provide appropriate warehousing solutions that meet your needs.


Whether we design and construct a warehouse for your requirements, lease a warehouse on your behalf, or customize a warehouse with fittings and equipment to suit your needs, we can work with you to implement a storage option that best suits you.


Dedicated warehousing comes with a number of operational benefits, including targeted use of warehouse space and easy monitoring of inbound and outbound inventory.

Facilities Operations

Outsource your warehouse operations and labor functions to us, making the most of your facility while you focus on your core business.


Our highly skilled supply chain teams can successfully manage and operate your warehouse facilities while you retain the lease/title responsibilities.


Outsourcing your warehouse and labor functions allows you to focus on your core competencies, while we add value to your supply chain. It also creates potential for backfilling of excessive warehouse capacity, allowing your business to leverage Nomad’s expert operations and warehouse labor pool.

Our logistics experts work closely with our customers to develop the most cost efficient and reliable storage strategy

In each of our Warehousing Strategies, Nomad Logistics offers value added services such as:

  • Packaging and branding services

  • Sorting and palletizing goods

  • Adapting goods to local markets

  • Attaching price, marketing, and advertising stickers to products

  • Preparing product kits and packages

  • Kitting and packaging 

The contents of any Nomad Logistics managed warehouse are digitized through our Warehouse Management Software (WMS) 

Enables full control of the goods in storage, with the customer maintaining full transparency of inventory levels, 24 hours per day and seven days a week.

Optimized Space and Lower Operating Expenses

Analyze the best use of floor space based on the task and material characteristics.

Data Visibility

Access real-time data to tap into and create customized reports delivered as frequently as necessary, allowing operations teams to see and respond to trends in real time

Material Traceability

Trace inventory using lot, batch, and serial numbering. Match specific lot/batch or serial numbers with incoming receipts and outgoing shipments for full traceability. 

Continuous Improvements

Run "what if" scenarios to determine what you can expect from big changes, and use our WMS to implement and track smaller moves

Optimized Inbound and Outbound Processing

Maintain material rotation, whether through first-in, first-out (FIFO), last-in, first-out (LIFO), or first-expired, first-out (FEFO) practices

Maximized Control of Inventory

Gain visibility of accurate, real-time inventory levels. Lower potential redundancy, enable accurate inventory planning and allocation, and access accurate, real time information

Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in WMS procurement and implementation to help automate your daily logistics operations and expedite typically laborious tasks. 

From stock put away to material movement operations, our team of WMS experts can help determine the right system to help facilitate operations and cut down labor costs significantly.

Whether you want to procure a WMS or want to outsource daily inventory management with a warehouse management system to our team, our highly skilled personnel will help verify the right fit for your supply chain demands. 

For customers with internally managed warehouses, Nomad Logistics provides WMS consultancy & implementation solutions

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