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Supply Chain Consulting


Transform your supply chain for superior performance

Supply chain performance gives companies a critical edge that sets them apart from their peers. Ever-changing market conditions and increasingly complex global networks require supply chains to be reliable, responsive, and flexible. Streamline your operations or transform your logistics to simplify the coordination of numerous stakeholders. Reduce volatility and uncertainty with better insight, visibility, and transparency to optimize cost, operations, and time to market.

Nomad Logistics uses a modular approach to tailor our services to customers’ needs through the design, deployment, and coordination of integrated solutions with a commitment to performance. 

We provide integrated management of your supply chain to improve agility, efficiency, and cost, while maintaining full transparency

We focus our efforts on 3 levels:

Supply Chain Insight & Design

We analyze data to determine the optimal supply chain network for our customers. Through designing and developing the process, we translate your requirements into reality and continuously seek opportunities for innovation. Our methodology applies best practices, leverages industry capabilities, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs


Our solutions are designed to be repeatable, scalable, and sustainable to ensure they can be repeated at any location with the same level of success. Through our operational model, we manage your suppliers, transportation modes, and value-added logistics services enabling you to look after your core businesses to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Our standardized solutions provide you with all the benefits of our scope of services, proven processes, operating procedures, and performance measurement. Our standardized solutions covers the following services: Inbound to Manufacturing, Advanced Retail, Project Services, Managed Ground Transportation and E2E (end-to-end) Shipment Management.

Centralized Coordination

We manage communications with our customers to ensure end-to-end visibility, supervising the tracking of flows, managing alerts, and switching to alternative solutions or backup plans whenever necessary. We also provide detailed performance analysis and customize KPI reporting for each customer.

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