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Freight Forwrding


In an increasingly complex market, freight forwarding is a critical component of the global supply chain

Nomad Logistics offers best in class freight forwarding services which entails the logistical arrangement, organization, and monitoring of your transported goods from a supplier and/or manufacturer to your intended recipients, internationally. We perform all duties necessary for the intermodal transport of shipments across international borders, on behalf of our customers. 

Container Ship

Utilizing our trusted contacts with carriers and partners from air transport specialists and trucking companies to transoceanic lines, we negotiate the best possible prices. 

Freight Fwd - Third.jpg

We use established commercial routes with regular frequent departures, or by charter, valuing different offers and choosing the better route that optimizes speed, costs, and reliability, considering all the variables necessary for the analysis of each case. Nomad specializes in customized solutions for your specific freight requirement, driving superior results.

Services include:

Tracking Shipments


Negotiating Freight Rates

Scheduling Cargo Space

Supplying Cargo Insurance

Filing Documents for Custom Clearance

Consolidated Freight

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